Sharkbowl Games

A creative studio specialising in Video Games,
Web and more magical things.


No sharks are harmed during development

Our mission is simple; Create vibrant video games, compelling media and dynamic websites to give our users joy and immersion. To put it simply; we work for you!

Working with us

Alongside development of our own projects, we have provided our skillset and prowess to accomodate any idea, vision or plan for our clients.

For over 10 years, we have worked with various clients from different industries to maximisie their digital presence with innovative works.

Web Development

From simple websites to dynamic e-commerce portals, we have been instrumental in creating fresh websites for any industry



We have a rich history in developing video games for various platforms. From Console titles to web games, we are able to deliver invoking gameplay, vivid graphics and thought with each creation.


SEO & Paid Search

We have crafted packages for clients to increase website visibilty, fix any issues damaging ratings and increase customer retention. We assist online businesses with bespoke paid search campaigns to increase visitors, organically and paid, maximising profit.



We are artists first and designing various projects from books, comics, games, websites and more; we are able to tell stories that provoke thought and emotion.



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Email: info -at- sharkbowlgames.com

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